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Case Studies

Looking for real-life examples of our links in action? We've got you covered.

We've covered results of two websites below. We own both websites. 90% of the link building efforts for these websites are using the same links that we provide for you with our service.

Case Study #1 - General Site

Case Study #1 - Google Analytics

The is a general site that covers content across all niches. This isn't ideal from an SEO standpoint because niche sites tend to perform better. We combatted this by establishing a silo'd site architecture. All links developed were highly contextual to help combat the negative effects of having a broad general site. 

The results speak for itself. Link building began in March and the site picked up pretty quickly. Growth was consistent over the next several months as we actively built links. In August, the site was hit by the broad algorithm update. Since the site wasn't EAT related, we figured it was due to the fact that the site was too broad so we removed some niches. This led to a recovery from the end of September 2018.

Case Study #2 - Tech Site

Case study 2- Google Analytics

This is a tech site that was left dormant for several years and was brought back to life with a combination of updated content and our link building efforts. 

It's still a little too early to tell but the results look very promising after just three months of work We'll have more details later.

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