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​We pride ourselves on having a spotless track record in terms of customer satisfaction. We almost always get it right in the first go, but if our customers require a few tweaks, we are more than willing to revise any content as needed.

​Zach, zacharyvandriel.com
United Kingdom

​“Luke has been a great help and quick to respond to feedback. His attention to detail is consistent and of a relative high standard. I've pretty much got him running my blog and could not be happier with the content and prices he offers. From my experience so far, I would recommend him to anyone interested in content creation with fast turn arounds, whist still maintaining a quality standard. ”

​​Chris Hohenstein
​United States

​“Ive been working with Luke for a little over a month now and hes produced dozens of articles for me. Im extremely pleased with the work, the price and his customer service. We started off slow, and now he handles the majority of my sites content. I should mention that I provide writing services as well, so for me to compliment a competitor should speak volumes for his work. If youre looking for decent articles, you cant beat this price.”

​​Jimmy, Web Hosting Geeks

​“Great writer, Review articles was written as per my instructions.”

​​Mads Phikamphon, Icebike

​“Highly recommended. I'm very impressed by the quality of Luke's articles. ”

​​Manish, SubmitEra

​...For this particular project that I gave to Luke, I was pretty skeptic as the topics were obscured and I wanted to maintain 'an expert tone' in write-ups. Well he clearly exceeded my expectations. It was a top class service. Its kind of content that I can go ahead and put on top publications, a content which is link-worthy, a content that will have low bounce rate...

Full review: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1LyCTbVUHsAUGJDMTRaSm54clU/view?usp=sharing

​​Hasan Khalid, PostPayHost

​"We hire Luke as PostPayHost official Writer i must say A+ services i recommend Luke for content writing."

​​Robert Barta

​“I started working with Luke a few weeks ago. I have ordered over 20 articles already and I am happy with the results (good quality for the right price). This will be a long term partnership for sure”

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